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Quentin Lefranc | continuous sculpture | 07.09. – 11.10.2019


continuous sculpture

Quentin Lefranc
07.09. – 11.10.2019
Opening: Fri 6 September at 7pm

Envisioned as a place of study, architecture serves as a framework, a territory, a playground to Quentin Lefranc. The artist always intends to visualize a conversation between the site and what is materialized in it. Established at the junction of diverse disciplines, his works operate as open interludes in space. By assembly or juxtaposition, the artist questions the signature elements that compose them, he plays with their ambit, their stories, their attributions. If a pictural dimension prevails, his work favors a scope for action rather than a practice. He distorts the usual itineraries to better reenact the authoritative figures. The continuous sculpture is the thirty-centimeter elevation of orthogonal fabric that spans the entire area of the exhibit. One cannot go around the sculpture. It isn’t an unreachable enclosure. it isn’t a defined center in a given space. There isn’t one point of view or a succession of points of view favored by the place that hosts it. There is no distance or hierarchy. The continuous sculpture is a proposal on the positioning of the art and its apprehension. Its borders are the same as the space that hosts it, it is its foundation. It is a consistent pattern; and through the presence of the sculpture and its size and the rhythm it creates, it takes advantage of the configuration of the space in which it evolves. It invites ambling – the height of the fabric leads visitors to step over it. It constrains people to walk and to think about their path. By disrupting the visitors’ visit, the work needs to be apprehended as much as the space that welcomes it.We are looking forward to explore Quentin Lefranc´s continuous sculpture with you!

French artist Quentin Lefranc lives and works in Paris (France). After studying at the Art School of Rueil-Malmaison and at the School of Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Quentin Lefranc creates art works that are not quite paintings or sculptures, not even architectural elements. It is about all of that, in each of his propositions. He focuses on questioning space and does so through diversity: by questioning the existence of the work itself. The work of Quentin Lefranc has been shown in many art insitutions and galleries s.a.: Palais de Tokyo, Paris (F); Centre d’Art Contemporain, Nîmes (F), Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles (B), Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Pantin (F); Galerie Jérôme Pauchant, Paris (F); Galerie Municipale Julio Gonzales, Arceuil (F); Château de la Reuil-Malmaison, Reuil-Malmaison (F); CNAP Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris (F), galerie art & essai, Rennes (F) a.o.

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