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Capucine Vandebrouck | Floaters | 8.09. - 19.10.2018


Galerie Gilla Loercher is very pleased to announce the „Floaters“ named solo show of French artist Capucine Vandebrouck

Floaters are opacities of different sizes and consistencies present in the vitreous humor of the eye. They manifest as dark spots, black dots, circles, lines or filaments. Many of us have already made this experience. They are particularly noticeable when the gaze is on a plain background, a clear sky or a white wall. The floaters we see are just actually shadows of their own bodies. Floating in the vitreous (central portion of the eye), they are visible due to the shadow they project on the retina, having a refractive index different from the one of the vitreous body. When we move our eyes, the floater follows, and when we try to fix it, we are unable to see it. These visual interferences which disturb our vision and which are only the shadow of themselves, lead us to rethink the notions of look, perception, real and reality. Wouldn’t this fugitive and fleeing body that we can see on the surface of our retina be able to help us understand that there is no objective reality? Will this contain the chance to remodel the vision of our daily life and lead us to the inbetween of understanding reality and reading reality?
By creating presence in a place of absence, the floater may give us the proof of an imperceptible reality. A floating, in a space between the tangible and the intangible, would show us a new field of action, another way of apprehending what surrounds us. Like the floaters, this exhibition is thought as a diaphanous path, blurring the senses and perceptions of the viewer. The works presented have different natures, playing with natural elements, disturbing the impossible in appearance, disappearance or revelation. The set wants to caress the fleetingness of the floater at the right point, in a permanent dialogue between discernment and blindness. (Capucine Vadebrouck)

Capucine Vandebrouck is a sculptor graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, the École Nationale Supérieure d'Art of Bourges and the Marc Bloch faculty. She lives and works in Strasbourg. Capucine Vandebrouck was awarded the Ouest-Ost residency (partnership with the French Center of Berlin, FEFA, and the Goethe Institut, Berlin, Germany) in 2017; the studio residence of Lindre-Basse, France in 2014; the residency of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg in partnership with the CEAAC and the French Institute, Stuttgart, Germany in 2014 and the RAVI, artist residence Vivegnis international, Liège, Belgium in 2013 a.o.
Her work has been shown in art museums, institutions and galleries (Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, CH; Musée d´Art Moderne et d´Art Contemporain MAMAC, Nice, F; CEAAC, Strasbourg, F; Musée La Grand Place, Saint-Louis-les-Bitches, F; Goethe Insitut, Nancy, F; Galerie Thaddeus Ropac, Paris, F; Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Saint Étienne, F; Galerie Houg, Paris, F; Galerie Gilla Lörcher | Contemporary Art, Berlin, D

Capucine Vandebrouck | Floaters | 8 Sept – 19 Oct
Opening hours: Thu-Sat 15:00-18:00 and by appointment

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